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We are here for you who have experienced psychological and physical domestic violence.You do not need referral to come to us. We maintain confidentiality.We are open all day, and you are always welcome to contact us, regardless of gender, age or nationality! All our services are free.

We offer a house where you and your children can stay in a protected enviroment or you can have consultation during daytime with one of our trained employees

All our employees are bound to secrecy

We use interpreter

Are you exposed to violence?

• Is there anyone in your family or close circle of friends you are afraid of?
• Are you prevented from seeing family and friends?
• Are you prone to jealousy, isolation and control?
• Are you being threatened ?
• Are you being humiliated?
• Are you safer in other places than at home?
• Do you get the blame for the violence practiced?

The reason why it is diffucult to make a change?

•The attacker swings between being violent and loving
• Missing network
• Poor economy
• Nowhere to go
• Shame and guilt
• You are being told that the abuse is your fault
• Afraid of revenge with even more violence and pains
• Afraid of violence against your children
• Pressure from other familymembers
• Lack of knowledge about your rights and opportunities